I have taken various courses in the area of Analytics, Coaching, Programming Languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, ColdFusion, etc.), Project Management, and also attanded various Conferences.

Certified Scrum Master @ Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master @ Scrum Alliance Feb 2012 London, United Kingdom

I have advocated and practised Agile (SCRUM) Software Development over the years at UKTV, and finally got around to do my certification as a ScrumMaster in 2012.

Analytics @ Webtrends Analytics @ Webtrends 2011 London, United Kingdom

I attended both versions of the courses offered by Webtrends to support other developers and the website Producers for their daily tasks.

Course Content: For Technical Professionals: , Analytics, Learn how to create and configure Analytics reports. , For Marketing Professionals: , Analytics, Gain strategic Analytics knowledge and report comprehension.

Online Video @ Brightcove Online Video @ Brightcove Aug 2011 London, United Kingdom

UKTV was one of the earliest UK based costumers of Brightcove.

Having attended various training courses they offered and also took advantage of their On-Demand training videos.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the implementation of not only the Brightcove online video solution.

Adobe MAX 2010 Adobe MAX 2010 Oct 2010 Los Angeles, California

I attended Adobe MAX 2010 in Los Angeles. This gave me a great overview of the present and future technology used in the online world.

I was blown away at all the activities and all the great people I met.

My Adobe MAX 2010 Personal Schedule: Adobe Design Achievement Awards, General Session: Welcome to the Revolution, HTML5: Half-baked, Baked, or Ready for the Table?, Flash Sneak Peek: A Glimpse at the Future, How to Develop AIR for TV Applications, NOKIA Welcome Reception, Designing and Developing for Touch-Based Devices, General Session: User Experience: The Next Generation, Free the Television: The New Opportunity in TV Applications, Video on Flash Player 10.1 Mobile Devices, The Mobile Enterprise, Sneak Peeks, H.264 Encoding Strategies for All Screens, Mobile Devices as Application Controllers, Flash Player 3D Future, Learn about the Samsung SDK to Distribute Your AIR Apps to Samsung Smart TVs, Video Delivery Roadmap for the Flash Platform, Authoring Rich Experiences for Every Room in the Home Samsung Smart TVs.

Scotch on the Rocks / Scotch on the Road Scotch on the Rocks / Scotch on the Road Jun 2009 London, United Kingdom

Scotch on the Rocks was an annual ColdFusion developer gatherings in Edinburgh, and Scotch On the Road across Europe, of web technologists, bringing together some of the brightest minds from across the globe.

Scrum @ BBC Academy - Technology Scrum @ BBC Academy - Technology Mar 2009 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Scrum course with a colleague of mine in order to enforce the use of Agile methodologies at UKTV.

Course outline:

Each training session will present the basic principles of agile development and specifically go into detail of Scrum practices. The presentation will be followed by practical exercise so that all participants have a chance to experience the Scrum practices. Introduction to Agile Principles, Background, Agile Manifesto, SCRUM Practices, Roles & Responsibilities, Sprint Meetings (Planning, Review, Daily Scrum), Sprint Tracking (Backlogs, Burn-down Charts, Velocity), Practical hands-on exercise, Awareness of Technical Practices, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Refactoring.

Technical Writing @ Learning Tree Technical Writing @ Learning Tree Dec 2009 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Technical Writing course in 2009 in order to enhance the overall documentation of the CMS I build as well as finding it extremely useful for our Agile Scrum development to write Agile Scenarios and Storyboards.

Course Content: Introduction to Technical Writing, The Writing Process, Getting ready to write, Assessing your audience, Covering the knowledge domain.

Adobe MAX 2008 Adobe MAX 2008 2008 Milan, Italy

I attended Adobe MAX 2008 in Milan. This gave me a great overview of the present and future technology used in the Adobe world.

Adobe MAX 2008 Personal Schedule: Adobe AIR: Building Desktop Applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Green 2, Forms Gone Wild (2008) Red 1, ColdFusion 8: Best-Kept Secrets Blue 1, Future of Communication with RTMFP Yellow 1, Open Screen Project: Delivering Rich Internet Experiences Across Devices Red 2, Building Your First Rich Internet Application with Flex 3 Green 2, Customer Appreciation Event Special Offsite Location, Sneak Peeks Auditorium, Level 2, Video Basics: Video Production for the Web Green 3, ColdFusion Powered Flex Green 1, General Session Auditorium, Agile Testing of Enterprise RIAs with Flex and LiveCycle ES Blue 1, Welcome Reception in Community Pavilion Level 1, Adobe Wave: Engaging Customers and Driving Traffic to Sites and Apps Yellow 1, Part 2 Orange 2, Getting Started with Real-Time Flex and AIR via LiveCycle Data Services, Part 1 Orange 2, Getting Started with Real-Time Flex and AIR via LiveCycle Data Services, MAX 2008 Opening General Session Auditorium.

CFunited CFunited Mar 2008 London, United Kingdom

I attended this conference to get a good overview about what is going on in the world of ColdFusion.

Conference overview: Adobe Flex 3 Overview: Latest features, Ajax Development using ColdFusion 8, Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8, CFEclipse Plus!, Case Study: Using FLiP as a sole developer, Coding in XML, ColdFusion Powered Ajax, ColdFusion and the User Experience, Coldspring: Better living through configuration, Continuous Server Analysis: Keeping ColdFusion Servers Healthy!, Creating and Consuming WebServices with ColdFusion 8, Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion 8, Embrace Factories, Enterprise RIAs: LiveCycle Data Services / BlazeDSPresented By Nick Watson (Adobe, Inc.), Flex for ColdFusion Developers, Fusebox Scaffolding, How we made it: Teamwork Project Manager - Tips for development of highly-scalable web2.0 apps in ColdFusion, IIS 7.0 for CFML Developers, Implementing Usability: Improve your ChancesPresented By Ron West, Multi Lingual (i18N) ColdFusion Applications, Part I: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish, Part II: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish, Practical Code Generation, Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy, RAD OO, Recursive Technique in ColdFusion, Taking Web Applications to the Desktop: Intro to Adobe AIR 1.0, Testing ColdFusion, Using The Iterating Business Object, Using your Whole Brain for Developers, Keynote.

SQL Server @ Learning Tree SQL Server @ Learning Tree Mar 2008 London, United Kingdom

I attended this SQL Server 2005 course in order to make the decision for UKTV if an upgrade of the database form SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 was of any advantage for us.

Course Content: Getting Started with SQL Server 2005, Overview of SQL Server architecture, SQL Server components and tools, Constructing the Database, Creating a database, Designing tables, Protecting data with constraints, Server-Side Programming, Data retrieval with Transact-SQL, Modifying data, Programming constructs, Integrating with Client Applications, Connecting to SQL Server, Interacting with Microsoft Office, Leveraging XML and .NET features, Administering SQL Server 2005, Securing the database infrastructure, Running the Maintenance Plan Wizard, Sharing Data through Replication, Defining the replication architecture, Configuring merge replication, Business Intelligence Components, Transforming data with Integration Services, Producing information with Analysis Services.

Advanced ColdFusion @ Highlander Advanced ColdFusion @ Highlander Jun 2007 London, United Kingdom

This 4-day advanced ColdFusion training course provides experienced ColdFusion application developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build, maintain, and scale effective Web applications even further.

Fast Track to ColdFusion @ Highlander Fast Track to ColdFusion @ Highlander Feb 2007 London, United Kingdom

This 3 day beginners ColdFusion training course is ideal for those who are new to the ColdFusion language and want to learn to use the product to develop powerful ColdFusion applications.

Coaching Coaching 2007 London, United Kingdom

Monika Barnes provided me with great Leadership Coaching - that helped me immense in dealing with challenging situations at work.

People Management @ UKTV People Management @ UKTV Feb 2007 London, United Kingdom

I attended this People Management course in oder to mentor my teams even better.

Course outline: Understanding the role of a manager, its demands and expectations, Clarifying and communicating what you expect of others, Organising, planning and allocating workload, Understanding what motivates people , Improving communication skills, Dealing with problems and difficult situations.

Responsive Design @ Webcredible Responsive Design @ Webcredible Sep 2007 London, United Kingdom

This Responsive design & advanced CSS course gave me a great insight in new ways of front end development and lead to implement Responsive CSS into some of UKTV sites.

Course Content:

Learn how to deal with cross browser compatibility issues, complex CSS principles and create fluid and grid based responsive layouts. CSS isn’t always easy and this course will give you organisational tips, best practice principles & take your CSS development skills to the next level.

The responsive design & advanced CSS course topics are: Responsive page layouts using grids & fluid widths, Stepped & fluid responsive designs, Handling imagery responsively & for retina displays, How, when and why of CSS hacks and sending different commands to different browsers, Different browser interpretations of CSS and how to handle these, CSS shorthand properties to minimise CSS file size, Advanced CSS layout techniques using floats, Produce highly advanced list-based navigation effects (including CSS-driven dropdown menus and mega menus), Static, fixed & absolute positioning to create modern visual layouts.

Active Directory @ Learning Tree Active Directory @ Learning Tree Jun 2006 London, United Kingdom

I attended this course in order to have no downtime when upgrading UKTV’s database servers. There was no downtime for any of the sites.

Course overview: Windows Server 2003 AD Fundamentals, Deploying a Windows Server 2003 AD, Upgrading existing AD environments, Managing domain controllers with Server Manager, Creating the Active Directory Forest, Building domain controllers and domains, Cleaning up metadata from the AD, Managing Flexible Single-Master Operation (FSMO) roles, Planning and configuring Active Directory sites, Enumerating domain logon service requirements, Managing Active Directory Replication, The fundamentals of multimaster replication, Creating and customising replication topology, Distributed File System Replication (DFSR), Recovering from Active Directory disasters, Securing the Active Directory, Enforcing object security, Leveraging AD auditing, Troubleshooting Active Directory services, Installing a Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC), Windows Server Core benefits.

Web Analytics @ WebAbacus Web Analytics @ WebAbacus 2006 - 2009 London, United Kingdom

WebAbacus is a wonderful web analytics program and I attended this course to optimise the implementation and ongoing support across all UKTV websites.

Course overview:

This course covers thorough and in-depth usage of the WebAbacus Configurator interface and system administration tasks. Includes - WebAbacus file system, WebAbacus System & licensing, Security model & User admin, Tasks & Processing, Data sources, Backup and Troubleshooting, System Optimisation, Data Export, Excludes - Basic interface orientation, Prerequisites - Attendance on the ’Advanced User Workshop’, Intended for - Anyone who will be required to support other WebAbacus users, or who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of a WebAbacus implementation. (e.g. System Administrators, Web Server admins, developers, etc), Length - 1 day, Max people: 2-4.Course Contents: Installing WebAbacus, How t- apply the latest builds, WebAbacus file structure, Running WebAbacus for the first time, WebAbacus security model, WebAbacus data processing, WebAbacus ’Health Check’, Optimising Reports, How to export data to different data sources.

IIS for Windows Server @ Learning Tree IIS for Windows Server @ Learning Tree Jun 2006 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Internet Information Services 6 for Windows Server 2003 course to optimise UKTV’s online presence form a technical standpoint.

Course Content: IIS 7.5: A Powerful Web Application Platform, Preparing for IIS 7.5 Installation, Overview of web architecture, Installing the web server, Configuring the Extensible Modules, Analysing the default installation, Extending functionality with additional modules, Building a Reliable Website, Automatic sandboxing with application pools, Maintaining application availability, Streamlining Administrative Tasks, Configuring application settings, Delegating administrative responsibilities, Developing Applications with IIS 7.5, Maximising ASP.NET integration, Supporting alternative technologies, Securing Web Applications, Providing secure user authentication, Encrypting communication, Expanding Hosting Capabilities, Publishing web content, Creating multiple virtual servers, Integrating SharePoint technologies, Deploying a Scalable Web Server, Tuning and optimising performance, Implementing a robust server farm.

Managing Successful Projects @ Reedlearning Managing Successful Projects @ Reedlearning Aug 2006 London, United Kingdom

This Managing Successful Projects course at Reed Learning introduced me to great ways managing projects on a larger scale more successfully.

Course overview: Who is it for?, This project management course is essential for those who current manage projects. It’s suitable for individuals who’re involved in the management, planning or implementation of a project., What is it about?, Effective project techniques help you reduce spend, beat deadlines and plan for problems before they occur. This course will teach you project management methodologies that will help you to successfully manage projects., All projects need a beginning, middle and end, and project management course will show you the essential components required in planning the project and give you the confidence and immediately useful tools to put them into practice back at work., What will I get out of it?, What will I learn?, Understand the requirements of a project, Organise projects, Manage the baseline, Cost, estimate and budget, Manage change, Measure and control, Close the project.

Securing Windows Server 2003 @ Learning Tree Securing Windows Server 2003 @ Learning Tree May 2006 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Windows Server Security course in order to tighten security across UKTV’s websites and prevent Hackers from taking any of UKTV’s sites down.

Course content: Securing Windows Server 2003, Building security policies, Auditing the server.

Windows Server 2003 @ Learning Tree Windows Server 2003 @ Learning Tree Mar 2006 London, United Kingdom

I attended this generic Windows Server course in order to gain my DBA certification.

Course content: Operating System Overview, Installing and Upgrading Servers, Migrating to Windows Server 2008, Adding and configuring server roles and features, Building and Populating the Active Directory, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Constructing Domain Controllers, Organisational Units, users and groups, Configuring and Managing the System, Leveraging the Windows Server Manager, Introducing PowerShell for administrative tasks, Monitoring performance and ensuring reliability, Implementing File System Security, Managing disks, full backup and restore, Securing files with Access Control Lists, Controlling Network Components and Services, Managing network settings, Sharing resources across the network, File Server Resource Manager (FSRM), Administering the Active Directory, Distributing and delegating administrative power, Configuring environments with Group Policies.

Developing High-Performance SQL Server Databases @ Learning Tree Developing High-Performance SQL Server Databases @ Learning Tree May 2005 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Developing High-Performance SQL Server Databases course to optimise the performance of UKTV’s websites.

Course content: Fundamental Concepts, Analysing performance, Developing a monitoring plan, Managing Storage, Database architecture, Defining tables, Creating and managing indexes, Memory and Locking, Managing memory, Designing transactions, Optimising Queries, Query optimiser architecture, Maintaining up-to-date statistics, Index vs. column, Automatic vs. manual, Full-scan vs. sample, Distinguishing among query types, Designing effective indexes, Designing a Physical Data Model, Storing summarised data for faster retrieval, Minimising response time by introducing redundant data, Solving performance problems with partitioning strategies, Monitoring with X-Events.

SQL Programming @ Learning Tree SQL Programming @ Learning Tree Jun 2005 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Transact-SQL Programming course in 2005 in order to enhance my SQL queries to ensure the CMS I build for UKTV would (and did over the past 10 years) withstand the growing demand and tighten security.

Course Content: SQL Server Architecture, Managing Tables with DDL, Creating schemas, Building tables, Adding constraints, Retrieving Data with Transact-SQL Stored Procedures, Batch and stored procedure processing, Selecting data, Declaring variables and parameters, Calling built-in scalar functions, Maintaining Data, Modifying data, Programming procedural statements, Handling errors, Producing server-side result sets, Developing Views, Functions and Triggers, Storing queries on the server, Creating user-defined functions, Formulating triggers.

SQL Queries @ Learning Tree SQL Queries @ Learning Tree Mar 2005 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Developing SQL Queries for Microsoft SQL Server to optimise the performance of UKTV’s websites.

Course content: Introduction and Overview, SQL fundamentals, Executing queries, Querying Multiple Tables, Implementing various types of joins, Writing self-joins, Combining queries with set operators, Scalar and Aggregate Functions, Taking advantage of scalar functions, Summarising data with aggregate functions, Grouping data, Extending group queries, Building crosstab reports, Performing Analysis with Analytic Functions, The OVER clause, Calculating ranks, Extending the use of aggregates, Building Subqueries, Simple subqueriesULLs, Correlated subqueries, Common table expressions, Breaking Down Complex Queries.