Analytics is essential to any website regardless how big or small the site is, so I took various different courses for various different analytical products.

Analytics @ Webtrends Analytics @ Webtrends 2011 London, United Kingdom

I attended both versions of the courses offered by Webtrends to support other developers and the website Producers for their daily tasks.

Course Content: For Technical Professionals: , Analytics, Learn how to create and configure Analytics reports. , For Marketing Professionals: , Analytics, Gain strategic Analytics knowledge and report comprehension.

Web Analytics @ WebAbacus Web Analytics @ WebAbacus 2006 - 2009 London, United Kingdom

WebAbacus is a wonderful web analytics program and I attended this course to optimise the implementation and ongoing support across all UKTV websites.

Course overview:

This course covers thorough and in-depth usage of the WebAbacus Configurator interface and system administration tasks. Includes - WebAbacus file system, WebAbacus System & licensing, Security model & User admin, Tasks & Processing, Data sources, Backup and Troubleshooting, System Optimisation, Data Export, Excludes - Basic interface orientation, Prerequisites - Attendance on the ’Advanced User Workshop’, Intended for - Anyone who will be required to support other WebAbacus users, or who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of a WebAbacus implementation. (e.g. System Administrators, Web Server admins, developers, etc), Length - 1 day, Max people: 2-4.Course Contents: Installing WebAbacus, How t- apply the latest builds, WebAbacus file structure, Running WebAbacus for the first time, WebAbacus security model, WebAbacus data processing, WebAbacus ’Health Check’, Optimising Reports, How to export data to different data sources.