CFunited ,London, United Kingdom

Mar 2008 – London, United Kingdom

I attended this conference to get a good overview about what is going on in the world of ColdFusion.

Conference overview:

  • Adobe Flex 3 Overview: Latest features
    • Presented By Enrique Duvos (Adobe)
  • Ajax Development using ColdFusion 8
    • Presented By Rakshith N (Adobe)
  • Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8
    • Presented By Chaz Chumley (Community MX)
  • CFEclipse Plus!
    • Presented By Mark Drew
  • Case Study: Using FLiP as a sole developer
    • Presented By Christian Ready (Christian Ready Web Services)
  • Coding in XML
    • Presented By Andrew Schwabe (IEXP Software, LLC)
  • ColdFusion Powered Ajax
    • Presented By Rob Gonda (iChameleon Group)
  • ColdFusion and the User Experience
    • Presented By Simon Horwith
  • Coldspring: Better living through configuration
    • Presented By Mark Drew
  • Continuous Server Analysis: Keeping ColdFusion Servers Healthy!
    • Presented By Charlie Arehart
  • Creating and Consuming WebServices with ColdFusion 8
    • Presented By Chaz Chumley (Community MX)
  • Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion 8
    • Presented By Chaz Chumley (Community MX)
  • Embrace Factories
    • Presented By Rob Gonda (iChameleon Group)
  • Enterprise RIAs: LiveCycle Data Services / BlazeDS
    • Presented By Nick Watson (Adobe, Inc.)
  • Flex for ColdFusion Developers
    • Presented By Jeff Tapper
  • Fusebox Scaffolding
    • Presented By Kevin Roche
  • How we made it: Teamwork Project Manager – Tips for development of highly-scalable web2.0 apps in ColdFusion
    • Presented By Peter Coppinger (Digital Crew)
  • IIS 7.0 for CFML Developers
    • Presented By Vince Bonfanti (New Atlanta Communications)
  • Implementing Usability: Improve your Chances
    • Presented By Ron West
  • Multi Lingual (i18N) ColdFusion Applications
    • Presented By Oguz Demirkapi (NicheClick Media)
  • Part I: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish
    • Presented By Shlomy Gantz (BlueBrick)
  • Part II: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish
    • Presented By Shlomy Gantz (BlueBrick)
  • Practical Code Generation
    • Presented By Peter Bell (SystemsForge)
  • Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy
    • Presented By John Paul Ashenfelter
  • RAD OO
    • Presented By Peter Bell (SystemsForge)
  • Recursive Technique in ColdFusion
    • Presented By Andrew Schwabe (IEXP Software, LLC)
  • Taking Web Applications to the Desktop: Intro to Adobe AIR 1.0
    • Presented By Enrique Duvos (Adobe)
  • Testing ColdFusion
    • Presented By John Paul Ashenfelter
  • Using The Iterating Business Object
    • Presented By Peter Bell (SystemsForge)
  • Using your Whole Brain for Developers
    • Presented By Michael Smith (TeraTech)
  • Keynote
    • Adobe ColdFusion
    • Presented By Ben Forta (Adobe Systems Inc.)



CFUnited is an annual 4 day conference featuring the latest in ColdFusion, Flex and AIR content. Come join us for the biggest and most exciting CFUnited conference yet, we have an all star cast of speakers and an amazing lineup of sessions and events you wont see anywhere else. From rich developer experiences to rich user experiences, from the database to the browser to the desktop - CFUnited sessions span the full spectrum of skills used by Web professionals looking to deliver cutting-edge experiences to their customers quickly and efficiently. In addition to 100+ sessions, keynote presentations, discussion panels & birds of a feather sessions, this year at CFUnited you will have the opportunity to showcase your projects and ideas in community round table sessions. Along with the daily scheduled networking events there are endless opportunities to connect with developers, gurus, sponsors and executives in the community. CFUnited is the ideal conference for developers to learn the latest in CF/ FX/ AIR technology, share ideas & experiences, discover potential clients, and begin collaborating on projects.

CFUnited is the premiere ColdFusion conference and is created for developers by developers. What this means is the sessions are voted on by the community, which are then screened by our Advisory Board members, and then the Track Chairs manage the speakers/ contents of each track. This way all the content stays true to what the community wants to see at CFUnited.

Formerly known as CFUN, CFUNITED in 2008 celebrated its 10th anniversary in Washington DC with over 800 attendees! Started in 1999 by TeraTech, CFUnited is now organized by Stellr, this is the eleventh annual national ColdFusion event.