Coaching and People Management is very important, so I took various different courses to bring my skill set up to the latest technique.

Certified Scrum Master @ Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master @ Scrum Alliance Feb 2012 London, United Kingdom

I have advocated and practised Agile (SCRUM) Software Development over the years at UKTV, and finally got around to do my certification as a ScrumMaster in 2012.

Scrum @ BBC Academy - Technology Scrum @ BBC Academy - Technology Mar 2009 London, United Kingdom

I attended this Scrum course with a colleague of mine in order to enforce the use of Agile methodologies at UKTV.

Course outline:

Each training session will present the basic principles of agile development and specifically go into detail of Scrum practices. The presentation will be followed by practical exercise so that all participants have a chance to experience the Scrum practices. Introduction to Agile Principles, Background, Agile Manifesto, SCRUM Practices, Roles & Responsibilities, Sprint Meetings (Planning, Review, Daily Scrum), Sprint Tracking (Backlogs, Burn-down Charts, Velocity), Practical hands-on exercise, Awareness of Technical Practices, Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Refactoring.

Coaching Coaching 2007 London, United Kingdom

Monika Barnes provided me with great Leadership Coaching - that helped me immense in dealing with challenging situations at work.

People Management @ UKTV People Management @ UKTV Feb 2007 London, United Kingdom

I attended this People Management course in oder to mentor my teams even better.

Course outline: Understanding the role of a manager, its demands and expectations, Clarifying and communicating what you expect of others, Organising, planning and allocating workload, Understanding what motivates people , Improving communication skills, Dealing with problems and difficult situations.