I have not attended one conference, but many in the technology field.

Adobe MAX 2010 Adobe MAX 2010 Oct 2010 Los Angeles, California

I attended Adobe MAX 2010 in Los Angeles. This gave me a great overview of the present and future technology used in the online world.

I was blown away at all the activities and all the great people I met.

My Adobe MAX 2010 Personal Schedule: Adobe Design Achievement Awards, General Session: Welcome to the Revolution, HTML5: Half-baked, Baked, or Ready for the Table?, Flash Sneak Peek: A Glimpse at the Future, How to Develop AIR for TV Applications, NOKIA Welcome Reception, Designing and Developing for Touch-Based Devices, General Session: User Experience: The Next Generation, Free the Television: The New Opportunity in TV Applications, Video on Flash Player 10.1 Mobile Devices, The Mobile Enterprise, Sneak Peeks, H.264 Encoding Strategies for All Screens, Mobile Devices as Application Controllers, Flash Player 3D Future, Learn about the Samsung SDK to Distribute Your AIR Apps to Samsung Smart TVs, Video Delivery Roadmap for the Flash Platform, Authoring Rich Experiences for Every Room in the Home Samsung Smart TVs.

Scotch on the Rocks / Scotch on the Road Scotch on the Rocks / Scotch on the Road Jun 2009 London, United Kingdom

Scotch on the Rocks was an annual ColdFusion developer gatherings in Edinburgh, and Scotch On the Road across Europe, of web technologists, bringing together some of the brightest minds from across the globe.

Adobe MAX 2008 Adobe MAX 2008 2008 Milan, Italy

I attended Adobe MAX 2008 in Milan. This gave me a great overview of the present and future technology used in the Adobe world.

Adobe MAX 2008 Personal Schedule: Adobe AIR: Building Desktop Applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Green 2, Forms Gone Wild (2008) Red 1, ColdFusion 8: Best-Kept Secrets Blue 1, Future of Communication with RTMFP Yellow 1, Open Screen Project: Delivering Rich Internet Experiences Across Devices Red 2, Building Your First Rich Internet Application with Flex 3 Green 2, Customer Appreciation Event Special Offsite Location, Sneak Peeks Auditorium, Level 2, Video Basics: Video Production for the Web Green 3, ColdFusion Powered Flex Green 1, General Session Auditorium, Agile Testing of Enterprise RIAs with Flex and LiveCycle ES Blue 1, Welcome Reception in Community Pavilion Level 1, Adobe Wave: Engaging Customers and Driving Traffic to Sites and Apps Yellow 1, Part 2 Orange 2, Getting Started with Real-Time Flex and AIR via LiveCycle Data Services, Part 1 Orange 2, Getting Started with Real-Time Flex and AIR via LiveCycle Data Services, MAX 2008 Opening General Session Auditorium.

CFunited CFunited Mar 2008 London, United Kingdom

I attended this conference to get a good overview about what is going on in the world of ColdFusion.

Conference overview: Adobe Flex 3 Overview: Latest features, Ajax Development using ColdFusion 8, Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8, CFEclipse Plus!, Case Study: Using FLiP as a sole developer, Coding in XML, ColdFusion Powered Ajax, ColdFusion and the User Experience, Coldspring: Better living through configuration, Continuous Server Analysis: Keeping ColdFusion Servers Healthy!, Creating and Consuming WebServices with ColdFusion 8, Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion 8, Embrace Factories, Enterprise RIAs: LiveCycle Data Services / BlazeDSPresented By Nick Watson (Adobe, Inc.), Flex for ColdFusion Developers, Fusebox Scaffolding, How we made it: Teamwork Project Manager - Tips for development of highly-scalable web2.0 apps in ColdFusion, IIS 7.0 for CFML Developers, Implementing Usability: Improve your ChancesPresented By Ron West, Multi Lingual (i18N) ColdFusion Applications, Part I: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish, Part II: Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish, Practical Code Generation, Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy, RAD OO, Recursive Technique in ColdFusion, Taking Web Applications to the Desktop: Intro to Adobe AIR 1.0, Testing ColdFusion, Using The Iterating Business Object, Using your Whole Brain for Developers, Keynote.