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Responsive Design | Webcredible ,London, United Kingdom

Sep 2007 – London, United Kingdom

This Responsive design & advanced CSS course gave me a great insight in new ways of front end development and lead to implement Responsive CSS into some of UKTV sites.

Course Content:

Learn how to deal with cross browser compatibility issues, complex CSS principles and create fluid and grid based responsive layouts. CSS isn’t always easy and this course will give you organisational tips, best practice principles & take your CSS development skills to the next level.

The responsive design & advanced CSS course topics are:

  • Responsive page layouts using grids & fluid widths
  • Stepped & fluid responsive designs
  • Handling imagery responsively & for retina displays
  • How, when and why of CSS hacks and sending different commands to different browsers
  • Different browser interpretations of CSS and how to handle these
  • CSS shorthand properties to minimise CSS file size
  • Advanced CSS layout techniques using floats
  • Produce highly advanced list-based navigation effects (including CSS-driven dropdown menus and mega menus)
  • Static, fixed & absolute positioning to create modern visual layouts


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In a nutshell, we carry out research with your customers and then design digital (& non-digital) solutions based around their needs.