Technical Writing @ Learning Tree

Learning Tree ,London, United Kingdom

Dec 2009 – London, United Kingdom

I attended this Technical Writing course in 2009 in order to enhance the overall documentation of the CMS I build as well as finding it extremely useful for our Agile Scrum development to write Agile Scenarios and Storyboards.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
    • Benefits of effectively communicating technical information
    • Dealing with common writing problems
  • The Writing Process
  • Getting ready to write
    • Eliminating misconceptions that stall technical writing
    • Driving your document design with scenarios
    • Focusing on a document’s purposes
  • Assessing your audience
    • Identifying your purpose and the reader’s purpose
    • What the audience brings to the table
  • Covering the knowledge domain
    • Exposing tacit knowledge
    • Knowing when you’ve