Experience as Web Developer (ColdFusion, Flash HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.), Technical Manager, Barman, Club Butler, Receptionist, Reservation Agent, Waiter.

Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ Hotel Internazionale Ischia Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ Hotel Internazionale Ischia since Summer 2016 Ischia, Italy

I work as an online Consultant for Hotel Internazionale Ischia, which is a beautiful family run hotel and is located in Barano on the island of Ischia - with an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and 39 rooms.
When I first approached them, they had a semi functional website with a pretty outdated design.
I wrote a bespoke CMS for them to handle day to day printing of the restaurant menu and also to manage the new site that I build using WordPress. I focused in particular on SEO, and created for them a website with almost 2000 pages in order to help holiday seekers to find them on the www. I also created pages with (automatically) up to date ferry times and other local information that might be of interest for anyone who is looking to stay on the island. All pages are now in Italiano, English and Deutsch - Before the website was only in Italiano and Deutsch.

Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @  CELTA Galápagos Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ CELTA Galápagos since April 2015 Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

CELTA Galápagos is helping to educate the local population, thereby decreasing the demand for foreign workers and reducing strain to the delicate ecosystem, with the aim of combining quality teacher training with enriching sustainable development projects and opportunities to explore the wonders of the Galápagos Islands.Unfortunately CELTA Galápagos had a website that was not really showing up on Google and other major search engines, so they nearly had to close down this project.I rebuild the website and worked hard to ensure that this will not happen. Well after all it also depends on what they offer, but so far it seemss now that they found enough participants to continue their cause.

Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ Spätzleexpress Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ Spätzleexpress since Jan 2014 Berlin, Germany

I work as an online Consultant for Spätzleexpress, which is a beautiful local eatery based in Berlin - serving delicious south German specialities.
First I wrote a bespoke CMS for Spätzleexpress using ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server publishing SEO optimised static HTML pages (responsive CSS) in order to grow overall site traffic and therefore also to grow business revenue.
Once the online presence from Spätzleexpress significantly improved I converted this site from Handcrafted ColdFusion to WordPress. This enabled me to build my own plugins and child themes in WordPress to keep the site management for the business owner to a minimum effort and myself to go back to coding in PHP.

Technical Manager @ UKTV Technical Manager @ UKTV Mar 2005 - Apr 2012 London, United Kingdom

As the Technical Manager I had to built a mixed team of freelance and full time developers who continue building and supporting the CMS I built in my previous role. I also put in place work flows and processes creating an environment suitable for multiple developers working on different projects from different locations by introducing the concept of subversion, a development environment and staging servers.

As a technical Manager I was responsible for the development and support of all UKTV online products across various platforms.

Scoping and managing projects, implementations and integrations including custom-developed modules and off the shelf products (Brightcove, Facebook, FreeWheel (prior to implementing Doubleclick’s DART and Real media 24/7’s Open Adstream), Web Analytics, iPercast, UKFast, Webtrends, Omniture, WebAbacus, iTunes apps etc...) including the full software development life circle, of development, testing (test driven development), documenting, deployment, support, maintenance, troubleshooting - using a mix of Waterfall, Prince2 and last but not least Agile SCRUM.

Presenting concepts and advising the Senior Management Teams, Head of Technology, liaising with website producers, designers, project managers, managing our developers, troubleshooting, testing, code review, and building and maintaining relationships with all our technical and suppliers was all part of my daily work.

Developer @ UKTV Developer @ UKTV Jun 2003 - Mar 2005 London, United Kingdom

I joined UKTV as their first web developer while they were using an of the shelf CMS called Affino from Emojo to manage the relatively small online portfolio (3 websites) with under 100,000 unique monthly users.

In the beginning I created loads of analytical data because they had no real analytic in place, neither about the usage of their sites and also not about the amount of content they actually had live on their websites.

Shortly after I created a relational SQL database and built the front and back end using ColdFusion, FuseBox (web application framework), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web-services (e.g. SOAP and REST), etc - a template based CMS to enhance the management of the existing websites and also to make it possible to grow the sites with a click of a button.

The CMS now manages over 10 completely different websites to support all current UKTV channels: Gold, Dave, Good Food Channel, Yesterday, Blighty, Eden, Really, Watch, Alibi, and Home plus plenty of micro sites. All sites share main components and have additional business rules to cater for each specific site needs. E.g. each standard article contains of e.g. a title, teaser, image, etc - and on Good Food they have additional attributes like ingredients, methods, chef, etc, to form recipes.

The CMS is also capable of allowing the user to generate content by contributing their own recipes to the CMS and entering competitions where they can contribute with text, image or movie clips.

The website also connects to the On-Air system that looks after all programs hosted on secure BBC servers. This enables the CMS to distribute the TV listing to various Press companies as well as sharing other content with various other third party system - for analytical and commercial purposes.

ColdFusion Developer @ Creative IT ColdFusion Developer @ Creative IT 2000 - 2001 London, United Kingdom

I was an ActionScript and ColdFusion Developer at Creative IT (previously part of HHM Communications Ltd - they then merged with Crayon London which is now part of Karmarama)

Freelance Developer @ arehaus Ltd Freelance Developer @ arehaus Ltd 1999 London, United Kingdom

I have created a couple of online applications in Flash for them including an Online Advent Calendar and the main portal page for CGU. (CGU was bought shortly after completion of my project by AVIVA.co.uk - and unfortunately never went life.)

Web Developer @ PropertyMall Web Developer @ PropertyMall 1999 - 2000 London, United Kingdom

a Web Developer I developed and maintained sites in HTML and ActionScript for: Pricoa, Semple Fraser, DPP, Development Planning Partnership, Lister Beare, sbh, WIP, Women in Property.

Manager, Software Department @ Media Markt, Berlin Wedding Manager, Software Department @ Media Markt, Berlin Wedding 1997 - 1998 Berlin, Germany

As the manager of the software department I was responsible for purchasing, pricing, and displaying all software and managing a team of 3 full time staff.

Barman @ Heaven Nightclub Barman @ Heaven Nightclub 1996 - 1997 London, United Kingdom

At the nightclub Heaven (back then it was owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group) I worked as a barman where I took great pride in a good customer service. I was also responsible for stock taking.

Civilian Service @ Kinderhaus Fledermaus Civilian Service @ Kinderhaus Fledermaus 1995 - 1996 Hamburg, Germany

I opted in for civilian service instead of military service and spend a great time at this wonderful kindergarten where I was officially the caretaker, but I spend most of the time helping in the groups looking after the children. I learned a great deal about interacting with children and my ’duties’ ranged from nappy changing to story telling.

Apprenticeship @ Hyatt Regency Cologne Apprenticeship @ Hyatt Regency Cologne 1993 - 1995 Cologne, Germany

I worked (Apprenticeship) at the Hyatt Regency doing cost control in the back office and later as a waiter in the fine dining restaurant delivering a full silver service as well as working at front of house at reception.

Receptionist @ Grosvenor House Receptionist @ Grosvenor House 1993 London, United Kingdom

I worked at Grosvenor House on Park Lane at the as a receptionist being responsible for the check-in of the guest in the reception area, as well as showing them up to their room and making sure they have everything they need for a wonderful stay in this prestigious house.

Club Butler @ St. Ermin’s Hotel Club Butler @ St. Ermin’s Hotel 1992 - 1993 St James's Park, London, UK

As a Club Butler I was responsible for everything around the guests who stayed in the executive wing of the hotel delivering a full butler service from taking reservations, check-in and check-out, bringing the guests to their rooms, unpacking and packing their suitcases if required, serving food and cocktails in the lounge, ironing suits, and fulfilling all the guests requirements.

Accounting trainee @ Novotel Hamburg Accounting trainee @ Novotel Hamburg 1991 - 1992 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at the Novotel as part of a training programme where I spend 2 days a week at school and 3 days a week as a full member in the accounting department, at reception and also in the reservation office.

Waiter @ Café Unique Waiter @ Café Unique 1990 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at this cafe as a waiter.

Waiter @ Organic Restaurant Horizont Waiter @ Organic Restaurant Horizont 1990 - 1991 Hamburg, Germany

I worked as a waiter at this very fine organic restaurant, which had a modern and stylish menu.

Champagne Waiter @ Moët Hennessy Champagne Waiter @ Moët Hennessy 1989 - 1992 Germany

I worked for Moët and Hennesy as a champagne waiter for high profile events and functions.

Interior Design @ Aldag & Petrides BDIA Interior Design @ Aldag & Petrides BDIA 1989 - 1990 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at Aldag & Petrides BDIA as an interior design trainee three days a week while going to school (FOS for Room Design and Colour) 2 days a week.

Receptionist @ City House Hotel Receptionist @ City House Hotel 1988 - 1989 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at this small boutique hotel as a receptionist and was most of the times left sole responsible for looking after the guest and also prepared breakfast in the morning.

Waiter @ CCH-Congress Center Hamburg Waiter @ CCH-Congress Center Hamburg 1988 - 1992 Hamburg, Germany

I worked for Kempinski Hotels at the CCH and the Rickmer-Rickmers as waiter at high profile events, functions and small concerts.

Lederwaren Ernst Klockmann Lederwaren Ernst Klockmann 1984 - 1992 Hamburg, Germany

I started at the age of 14 in our former family business looking after stock, repairs, delivery and sales across all 7 branches in Hamburg, Kiel and Uelzen.