Hospitality Experience: as Barman, Champagne waiter, Civilian service, Club Butler, Cost Control, Receptionist, Reservation Agent, Waiter.

Barman @ Heaven Nightclub Barman @ Heaven Nightclub 1996 - 1997 London, United Kingdom

At the nightclub Heaven (back then it was owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group) I worked as a barman where I took great pride in a good customer service. I was also responsible for stock taking.

Civilian Service @ Kinderhaus Fledermaus Civilian Service @ Kinderhaus Fledermaus 1995 - 1996 Hamburg, Germany

I opted in for civilian service instead of military service and spend a great time at this wonderful kindergarten where I was officially the caretaker, but I spend most of the time helping in the groups looking after the children. I learned a great deal about interacting with children and my ’duties’ ranged from nappy changing to story telling.

Apprenticeship @ Hyatt Regency Cologne Apprenticeship @ Hyatt Regency Cologne 1993 - 1995 Cologne, Germany

I worked (Apprenticeship) at the Hyatt Regency doing cost control in the back office and later as a waiter in the fine dining restaurant delivering a full silver service as well as working at front of house at reception.

Receptionist @ Grosvenor House Receptionist @ Grosvenor House 1993 London, United Kingdom

I worked at Grosvenor House on Park Lane at the as a receptionist being responsible for the check-in of the guest in the reception area, as well as showing them up to their room and making sure they have everything they need for a wonderful stay in this prestigious house.

Club Butler @ St. Ermin’s Hotel Club Butler @ St. Ermin’s Hotel 1992 - 1993 St James's Park, London, UK

As a Club Butler I was responsible for everything around the guests who stayed in the executive wing of the hotel delivering a full butler service from taking reservations, check-in and check-out, bringing the guests to their rooms, unpacking and packing their suitcases if required, serving food and cocktails in the lounge, ironing suits, and fulfilling all the guests requirements.

Accounting trainee @ Novotel Hamburg Accounting trainee @ Novotel Hamburg 1991 - 1992 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at the Novotel as part of a training programme where I spend 2 days a week at school and 3 days a week as a full member in the accounting department, at reception and also in the reservation office.

Waiter @ Café Unique Waiter @ Café Unique 1990 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at this cafe as a waiter.

Waiter @ Organic Restaurant Horizont Waiter @ Organic Restaurant Horizont 1990 - 1991 Hamburg, Germany

I worked as a waiter at this very fine organic restaurant, which had a modern and stylish menu.

Champagne Waiter @ Moët Hennessy Champagne Waiter @ Moët Hennessy 1989 - 1992 Germany

I worked for Moët and Hennesy as a champagne waiter for high profile events and functions.

Interior Design @ Aldag & Petrides BDIA Interior Design @ Aldag & Petrides BDIA 1989 - 1990 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at Aldag & Petrides BDIA as an interior design trainee three days a week while going to school (FOS for Room Design and Colour) 2 days a week.

Receptionist @ City House Hotel Receptionist @ City House Hotel 1988 - 1989 Hamburg, Germany

I worked at this small boutique hotel as a receptionist and was most of the times left sole responsible for looking after the guest and also prepared breakfast in the morning.

Waiter @ CCH-Congress Center Hamburg Waiter @ CCH-Congress Center Hamburg 1988 - 1992 Hamburg, Germany

I worked for Kempinski Hotels at the CCH and the Rickmer-Rickmers as waiter at high profile events, functions and small concerts.