Waiter @ Organic Restaurant Horizont

Waiter at Organic Restaurant Horizont ,Hamburg, Germany

1990 – 1991 – Hamburg, Germany

I worked as a waiter at this very fine organic restaurant, which had a modern and stylish menu.

Organic Restaurant

I think I was as confused as most of the people who cam here. Working here really opened my eyes that food can be delicious and healthy at the same time.

Back then what did I knew about healthy eating? not much...

But I learnt quickly about food since the chef gave me always a full meal before I started working, so that I actually knew what I was suggesting to the customers. And how did I love it. I still remember the acquainted taste of his dishes, that was something different to my pasta with grated cheese at home (before I started working there) 🙂

Working there was something that I have not experienced before, this awesome mixture of people sitting side by side, one arrived by bicycle, and the other parked his Ferrari across the street. Everyone loved the food. Some had difficulties in deciding between sparkling and still water and what starter soup to take for a main (the typical student) and some where not sure if they should have the organic sparkling or just the organic red with the fillet (which was my personal favourite!) All the dishes came out of a 'steam oven'.