Technical Manager @ UKTV


Mar 2005 – Apr 2012 – London, United Kingdom

As the Technical Manager I had to built a mixed team of freelance and full time developers who continue building and supporting the CMS I built in my previous role. I also put in place work flows and processes creating an environment suitable for multiple developers working on different projects from different locations by introducing the concept of subversion, a development environment and staging servers.

As a technical Manager I was responsible for the development and support of all UKTV online products across various platforms.

Scoping and managing projects, implementations and integrations including custom-developed modules and off the shelf products (Brightcove, Facebook, FreeWheel (prior to implementing Doubleclick’s DART and Real media 24/7’s Open Adstream), Web Analytics, iPercast, UKFast, Webtrends, Omniture, WebAbacus, iTunes apps etc…) including the full software development life circle, of development, testing (test driven development), documenting, deployment, support, maintenance, troubleshooting – using a mix of Waterfall, Prince2 and last but not least Agile SCRUM.

Presenting concepts and advising the Senior Management Teams, Head of Technology, liaising with website producers, designers, project managers, managing our developers, troubleshooting, testing, code review, and building and maintaining relationships with all our technical and suppliers was all part of my daily work.

Major projects include obviously all our (10+) websites and their incarnations, support of the RedButton service and VoD (online and on Sky satellite & Virgin Media cable boxes) and the support of OnAir which is UKTV’s TV program scheduling system hosted on secure BBC servers.

Update September 2015:

Just before I left UKTV decided to move away from my hand build ColdFusion CMS and use a third part company to rebuild the sites using Drupal.
It took me less then a year to build these websites almost single-handed and it took UKTV (and various third party companies & components) 4 years to rebuild all UKTV websites.

Recommendations for Marc working at UKTV as a Technical Manager:

Andrew Watt recommended Marc Schröder Executive coach,

Marc is a highly motivated and capable Technical Manager. During his time at UKTV he both led and personally implemented many major web infrastructure projects and created platforms that allowed the company to reach its lofty ambitions, somehow managing to balance complex short term and long term priorities. Marc earned the respect of his technical and non-technical colleagues, managers and other stakeholders through his practical and can-do approach to challenges, which were not in short supply in a busy multi-channel broadcasting environmentless

Caroline Halliday recommended Marc Schröder Director of Consumer Marketing at YourTutor,

Marc has been the technical lifeblood of our channel sites for many years, and has overseen and advised on many different incarnations, adapting and rebuilding according to business need. He’s had to achieve an incredible amount on very small resources, and as such has become a highly resourceful manager who thinks of ingenious ways to achieve results. He is a deep thinker and a passionate soul who wants the best from himself and others, and I particularly loved working with him on the rebuild of our sites during UKTV’s channel rebrands in 2007/2008, when he led his team with passion and clarity of purpose.

Caroline Hire recommended Marc Schröder Food editor, at BBC Worldwide,

Marc was the linchpin of the digital technology team when I worked with at UKTV. I found him to be highly capable in his role and would definitely recommend him as a reliable and hardworking team player with the capability to lead projects very effectively.

Chris Hennings recommended Marc Schröder Founder at Cossack Labs Limited,

Marc is capable, focussed, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Dean Alex recommended Marc Schröder Senior Freelance Developer at,

Marc has a broad and detailed technical knowledge and is able to break down and solve problems from the very big to the very small. He understands an enormous number of languages and technologies to a very high level, and is excellent to work with both as a colleague and an manager.

Duncan Burbidge recommended Marc Schröder CEO and co-Founder, StreamAMG,

Marc has an excellent grasp of the finer technical points and the great ability to communicate them in a sensible fashion. When combined with his hard-core broadcast experience, you get a very valuable package.

Jon Buchan recommended Marc Schröder Founder & CEO at Render Positive Ltd,

Marc certainly knows his stuff and was always helpful with technical requests for SEO improvements. A lovely bloke too!

Kelvyn Clee recommended Marc Schröder EMEA Infrastructure and Hosting Support Manager,

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Marc on several occasions over the years whilst Marc worked for UKTV. It was very easy to see from an early stage that this was a ColdFusion developer and manager who was different from the rest. Marc not only is a very dedicated, talented and very knowledgeable individual with a fantastic attitude but also has the ability to understand, learn and solve problems with an outside of the box approach. A truly highly recommended individual that I hope I have the opportunity to work with again in the future.

Michael Paul Sherwin recommended Marc Schröder Prince II PM & Certified SCRUM master,

Marc has a keen eye for detail and a kind gentle manner. He is technically shrewd and extremely knowledgeable about his craft and is able to relate this to others in a simple, understandable way.

As a manager, Marc was a professional; he had the trust of his colleagues and knew how to deliver results on time with the backing of his team. It goes without saying that he is an overall real nice guy.

Paul Thornton recommended Marc Schröder Technical Delivery Manager, OTT / Internet TV,

A very hardworking and focused professional with excellent technical knowledge and skills. A pleasure to work with. Not sure on his choice of drink though... spicy water?

Raymond Blaney recommended Marc Schröder Director of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at UKTV,

Marc is such a reliable pair of hands, dedicated, committed and able to communicate technical issues with non technical people in an accessible manner. He has a great sense of humour and is a great team player. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marc, and have no hesitation in recommending him and his work.

Rodger Abels recommended Marc Schröder Solution Architect at Bristol Airport,

Marc leads by example and inspires with patience.

He has an excellent knowledge of web technologies and implements it with great attention to detail.

Sally Quick recommended Marc Schröder Director of Commercial Partnerships at UKTV,

Marc is always happy to help and has a great way of making complex technical things easy to understand for the lay person!

Sammi Richardson recommended Marc Schröder Integrated designer at Clinic,

Marc has such a huge amount of knowledge relating to the web that I sometimes find it over-whelming! Coming from a print background he encouraged me to push myself to learn as much software and code as I could and would always take time out of his schedule to help me with problems I may have had with Flash or other software. It is thanks to his encouragement that I know what I do technically.

Simon Dell recommended Marc Schröder UI Developer,

Marc was my line manager for the duration of my time at UKTV. I looked to him to help manage my e project responsibilities, to protect me from the occasionally over-excited senior executive, to provide technical direction, and to maintain a good team dynamic. He succeeded on all counts, and brought a sense of humour too. He had assembled a talented, likeable team who communicated and worked well together. I rarely felt undue pressure and was always able to bring issues to him. He understood and championed my needs, even when they were outside the work-context (e.g. Negotiating non-standard working hours).

Stefano Marcello recommended Marc Schröder Office Manager at Uvet American Express,

Ho organizzato per Marc e il suo team diversi viaggi d’affari ed è stato un piacere lavorare con lui, sempre disponibile e aperto a diverse soluzioni a situazioni non sempre facili. Non si spaventa di fronte agli imprevisti, riesce a mantenere la calma e a concentrarsi per trovare la soluzione migliore.

Steve North recommended Marc Schröder General Manager Dave & Gold at UKTV,

Marc was an experianced and knowledgable member of the team. He knew what was possible and where we could push to make those things that were slightly out of our reach attainable. He was a pleasure and easy to work with, knowing his subject area inside and out.


UKTV is the multi-award winning media company that reaches over 42 million viewers every month.

UKTV's eleven imaginative brands - UKTV Play, Dave, Watch, Gold, Alibi, Yesterday, Drama, Really, Home, Eden and Good Food - include the most popular non-PSB channel in the UK and account for 9% of the British commercial TV market. The company's most recent financial results showed record-breaking year-end revenue of £278m, and EBITDA of £67.4m. It invested a record £125m in programming and related launches last year, and is becoming an increasingly significant investor in UK creativity.

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Now celebrating its 21st year at the forefront of digital television, UKTV - an independent commercial joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (SNI) - is proud to be the only British television broadcaster to be recognised by Best Companies.