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Marc SchröderMarc Schröder
00182 Roma


Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ Hotel Internazionale Ischia
since Summer 2016
I work as an online Consultant for Hotel Internazionale Ischia, a beautiful family run hotel located in Barano d'Ischia - with an outdoor swimming pool.
Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ CELTA Galápagos
since April 2015
CELTA Galápagos is helping to educate the local population, thereby decreasing the demand for foreign workers and reducing strain to the delicate ecosystem
Volunteer: Web Developer & Consultant @ Spätzleexpress
since Jan 2014
Spätzleexpress is a beautiful local eatery based in Berlin - serving delicious south German specialities.
Technical Manager @ UKTV
Mar 2005 - Apr 2012
Technical Manager at a Multi-award winning media company with: Dave, Gold, Watch, Alibi, Yesterday, Drama, Eden, Really, Home, Good Food & VOD UKTV Play
Developer @ UKTV
Jun 2003 - Mar 2005
ColdFusion Developer at a Multi-award winning media company with: Dave, Gold, Watch, Alibi, Yesterday, Drama, Eden, Really, Home, Good Food & VOD UKTV Play
ColdFusion Developer @ Creative IT
2000 - 2001
I worked as a ColdFusion and Flash Developer at Creative IT
Freelance Developer @ arehaus Ltd
Freelance Developer at arehaus Ltd
Web Developer @ PropertyMall
1999 - 2000
Web Developer at PropertyMall, commercial property information for UK. News, property listings, property directory, real estate companies and jobs


Certified Scrum Master @ Scrum Alliance
Feb 2012
Marc Schröder certified as a Scrum Master at the SCRUM ALLIANCE ® in London
Analytics @ Webtrends
I love using Webtrends for web analytics and have taken several different advanced courses to implement, configure, and administer Webtrends Analytics
Online Video @ Brightcove
Aug 2011
I love using Brightcove and have taken several different courses with them to use their Powerful Video Content Management System, optimise Video Transcoding
Adobe MAX 2010
Oct 2010
When attending Adobe MAX 2010 in Los Angeles I was blown away at all the activities and all the great people I met
Scrum @ BBC Academy - Technology
Mar 2009
I attended this BBC - Face to Face Course - Introduction to Scrum course in order to enforce the use of Agile methodologies at UKTV.
Technical Writing @ Learning Tree
Dec 2009
I attended this Technical Writing course to enhance technical documentation, and I found it extremely useful for Agile Scrum Scenarios and Storyboards
Responsive Design @ Webcredible
Sep 2007
This Responsive design & advanced CSS course gave me a great insight in new ways of front end development and lead to implement Responsive CSS into some of UKTV sites.
Web Analytics @ WebAbacus
2006 - 2009
WebAbacus is a wonderful web analytics program and I attended this course to optimise the implementation and ongoing support across all UKTV websites.
Managing Successful Projects @ Reedlearning
Aug 2006
This Managing Successful Projects course at Reed Learning introduced me to great ways managing projects on a larger scale more successfully.
Securing Windows Server 2003 @ Learning Tree
May 2006
I attended this Securing Windows Server 2003 course at Learning Tree in order to tighten security across all websites of UKTV
Developing High-Performance SQL Server Databases @ Learning Tree
May 2005
I attended this Developing High-Performance SQL Server Databases course to optimise the performance of UKTV's websites.


Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards
May 2010
On Tuesday the 3rd of May 2010 Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards has named Good Food Channel website the best food website in the world.


Multimedia Producer Diploma @ SAE Technology College London
1998 - 1999
I achieved the Multimedia Producer Diploma at SAE London in 1999.
Economics Diploma @ FOS for Economics
1991 - 1992
I achieved the Economics Diploma at FOS for Economics, Hamburg in 1992.
Interior Design Diploma @ FOS for Room Design and Colour
1989 - 1990
I achieved the Interior Design Diploma at FOS for Room Design and Colour, Hamburg in 1990.


Since about 2008
I attended at Torre di Babele for 5 month a full-time Italian course and achieved the certification Intermedio Quando Comune di Riferimento Europeo B1.2
Since about 1981
I leaned English at school and moved to London in 1993. I left London in 2013 moving to Rome.
Since about 1971
I was born and bred in Hamburg and not only lived in Berlin and Cologne, but also in London and now in Rome.

Outside Work

Family & Friends & Cooking & Travel
It's not all about me: Family & Friends & Cooking & Travel

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Rodger Abels recommended Marc Schröder
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Sally Quick recommended Marc Schröder
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Sammi Richardson recommended Marc Schröder
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